Monday, September 10, 2012

Saturday and Sunday Combined

June 23, 2012

Saturday and Sunday were not official class days, but they are definitely worth a mention. Apologies for lack of photographic evidence.

Saturday brought us to the French open-air market, a must have in French culture. This is where everyone gets their fresh groceries, knick knacks, and gossip. The market is a place to socialize and buy cheese, and reminds me a little of Malaysia's morning and night markets minus the fish and live poultry and suspicious street foods.

The French market

Goat cheese and goat cheese croissant. Mmmm

Look at all the colors.

Sunday had us bike for 28 kilometers to a nice picnic place and the Chateau de Cormatin. Many laughs, cows, and wobbly bicycles were had.

- Louisa Lee

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