Monday, September 24, 2012

Research Project

Phil, Grace and I worked on a research project together with Jorg as our advisor and Maren as another advisor. A woman from Romania also oversaw the project. Her name was Simona, and she was visiting from a university that has contacts with Konstanz University, and we are still a little bit unsure as to why she only followed our research project.

So we wanted to study something about biofilms. Our original idea was to look at how biofilms grow on different surfaces and we had a great idea to try looking at their growth on different types of paint, as  biofilms are often a problem for ships and other anthropogenic things in the water. But that idea proved to be too difficult, so we decided on 'How the Polarity of a Surface Affects the Growth of Biofilms'.

And here is a link to our presentation!

yeah bacterial cultures!

I hope this video works, it is something that was always running in the lab.

Hard at work

This is the 'rig' that all of our slides were hanging from. It was hung from the Institute's dock, and stayed there for a week.
Needless to say, I worried about it constantly for the whole week.

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