Monday, September 24, 2012

Arrival in Konstanz

It was strange seeing Konstanz again, interesting to see what things I remembered, what I didn’t remember, and what I remembered incorrectly. It truly is a beautiful city, the lake is unforgettable and even though I was there for only a few hours five years earlier; there were some sights that were still fresh in my mind.
Sinah’s dad drove me to Konstanz and his girlfriend, Martina, accompanied us. Since Sinah needed the car that day, he borrowed Martina’s car. They chatted and smoked cigarettes, while I gazed out the window at the beautiful scenery as we drove up and down winding mountain roads through the scenic Black Forest. I tried to take pictures from the back-seat window, but they really don’t do it justice. We arrived in Konstanz around one; we went into a few shops (Martina wanted to shop, there are many fine clothing stores for women). Then it started to rain and we took refuge under a café’s umbrella where we got drinks and waited for the rain to cease. Eventually, it was time for me to meet Cornelia and the other students at the train station. I was getting very nervous; I had begun to feel very comfortable with Sinah’s family!
We met the other students at the train station, I thanked and said goodbye to Gert and Martina while the students started making their way towards the biergarten, where we would be having a light supper and beer, of course.
We looked ridiculous at the biergarten! We were a large group  consisting of 8 foreigners, each with all of their luggage (wheeling suitcases and carry-ons), Corenelia and her husband, as well as two student aids who were to be sort-of guides throughout the trip. It didn’t help that our suitcases had wheels on them and the ground was gravel. After much scrambling, we all found seats and places for our luggage.
After many introductions, we ordered food and drinks. 
 This is the view from my bedroom window at the Sinah's house, I took this photo the morning that I was leaving!
 Trying to take pictures of a valley surrounded by the Black Forest.
 Still trying to take pictures from the car...
I took this picture from the car while we were stuck in traffic. Sinah's father, Gert, knows a lot of history about the area. The pointed mountain in the background of the photo used to be volcanic. 

This is a view of the bridge we had to cross to get from the old town to where the University is. On the left, the Rhine continues and on the right is the rest of the Bodensee.
 This is an specific image of Konstanz that I don't think I'll ever be able to get out of my head. This is actually the Rhine River leaving the Bodensee, the current is very swift and beyond the willow tree are beautifully architected buildings.

- Kim Shoback

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