Friday, September 21, 2012

Medieval Europe is REAL!

Growing up as a child, I play role-playing games over video consoles. They usually feature medieval Europe setting. You know, the stone villages, stone pavements, the metal armor, lush plains, mountains, oak pine forests, horses, cathedrals, castles, kings and queens, taverns and "wenches", etc.
And part of those were exactly the first things that I noticed when I reached Macon station.
The surroundings were lush green. The area was mountainous, and it was mostly plains. It looked as though as it came from a scene from "Game of Thrones".
Then you get those cows lazily grazing on the grass. Passed by a random castle by the mountains.
And then we reached Cluny, where everything is made out of stones.
STONES! Houses were made from rocks. The roads were paved with rocks. The cathedral was all old rocks. Again, my mind was going "GAME OF THRONES!".
And there you go! Here you have an Asian kid whose only exposure of medieval Europe is from wikipedia, games, anime, and mangas realizing that those images are real after all.

Fantasy has got to come from reality, right?

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