Monday, September 10, 2012

Getting Familiar

July 29, 2012

Today was the day to get to know the town of Constance. We had a guided tour around Constance, and it was amazing. I had chills down my spine half of the time. I know it sounds cliche to say that this place is rich with history, as much of Europe is, but this place was like opening several time capsules because of the many buildings from various centuries. I have trouble remembering dates and names, as I am terrible at European history. Nonetheless, it was interesting. It is so eerie to be near, or in, buildings varying from 200 A.D, up through the 18th and 19th century. It is difficult to imagine that such buildings and places were once of such historical importance. To be in a hotel that was once a protestant monastery, or staring up at the buildings where bishops and kings held important meetings, or by the lake side where unfaithful wives were tied into a sac with rocks and drowned. This one particular building we visited was where people who committed crimes were killed, and liars had their tongues nailed to the building. The only way to get off the wall cause to pull their tongue, which would then cause their tongues to rip in half. When it healed, it would become a forked tongue, so that everyone would know that this individual was a liar because they had the 'serpents tounge'. It is strange to see such buildings today as shops and cafes along the street.

The buildings here at Constance are very quaint, old, and pleasant to the eye. Many of the houses have dates on them, indicating when they were first mentioned or known at that particular century, or when they were built. Many buildings also had shields and emblems, or some kind of decoration that indicated what type of building it was. In the old part of town, streets are narrow and not many cars pass through. It is mainly for walking and biking, and cars are only present in noticeable numbers once you reach the edges of the old part of town.

In in the evening, we went to this wonderful restaurant by the lake,with large windows and vines that climbed the walls. It was an enchanting place, with delicious food to accompany the wonderful atmosphere. We all had a glass of white wine, made locally. It was THE best wine I had ever tasted, and it was the first time I had ever drank a full glass of wine. I had German meatballs with potato salad, and others had spaetzle. It was a enjoyable evening, and a great day. I couldn't wait to see what else Constance had to offer.

Our tour guide.

Remember when I was talking about the dates and pictues on the buildings?
Bread makers, or a market, perhaps?

Strolling through the old town.

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