Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Day in Dublin :)

Sunday was our free day so Kaitlynn and I made plans to go to mass at Christ Church Cathedral and then to the Guinness Storehouse. Mass was BEAUTIFUL.  It was so moving and afterwards, we met a lovely gentleman from Tanzania who was kind enough to teach us some Gaelic phrases that he thought we might need in Galway (we didn't and couldn't remember them anyway), but it was so kind of him! It was nice to see that the friendliness of the Irish spreads even to people who are just visiting.

Inside Christ Church
Beautiful stained glass behind the pews
On our way to the Guinness Storehouse, we got a bit lost but ended up stumbling upon this great little local shop where I ended up getting most of my gifts. 
Above is the link but the store had so much more! There was a ton of stuff like earrings and journals that were made from the locals and from recycled goods. It was so cool. I really loved that store, it was definitely worth getting a little turned around.
When we eventually made it to the storehouse, we went basically sent free to roam around the building, which was great because we could move at our own pace.
This is the lease that Arthur Guinness signed a lease in 1755 for 9,000 years with an annual rent of 45 euros. WOW. For me, that was the most mind-blowing thing.
This is the waterfall inside the storehouse (water is one of the four ingredients in Guinness)
Delicious lunch in the cafe in the storehouse. Vegetable soup & brown bread :)
Our pints of Guinness in the Gravity Bar!
The Gravity Bar was so cool! It was at the very top of the storehouse and was all glass so you could look out all over Dublin! I didn't get any pictures of the view from there because it was jam-packed with people when we were there so here's the link: so you don't miss a thing. :)
This was a great way to spend our last full day in Dublin! So excited to go to Fermoy in County Cork next! :)

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