Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Hello my name is Jai Patel and I am a senior majoring in biological sciences. I am enrolled in a publuc health study abroad program in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Im want to persue medicine once i graduate from Rutgers. This program is will provide me knowledge and experience that will help me in the near future. I will be placed in a community healthcare clinic that provides healthcare services to the poorest members of community in Oaxaca. Also, I will learn medical spanish at a local college. I will be in Mexico from june 5 to july 8.
Im at the airport waiting to board the plane, Im excited and nervous at the sametime. Im excited because this is my first study abroad trip. Besides, i will be exposed to a new culture, cuisine, and a lifestyle that is different then mine.  Also, every weekend we will have our weekend excursions around the area. We will meet local artist and we will get to see their work, this is something im really eager about. Im nervous because I dont speak any spanish. It would be a challenge to get around and interact with the local people. Im hoping I will get better at it as time passes.  Overall im looking forward to this trip and since im aboard id like to say adiós, but i'll posting more posts once i get to Mexico.

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