Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bonjour from Paris!

I finally made it to Paris, France this afternoon. It was definitely a journey, but it is definitely so worth it. The layover in Lisbon was very, very long (5 hours), but it was also a safe amount of time to make sure that we could get to our gate. Additionally, I almost got sick for the first time ever on my second flight--the turbulence was really bad! However, I am so happy to be safe and writing this post in the Citadines Bastille Gare de Lyon Paris, which is where my friends and I are staying for the night. We got upgraded when we arrived at the hotel, so we have 2 rooms and there are 2 people to a room. Here are some pictures I took from the hotel!

 The bed!
 The shower and the sink. The toilet is in a separate room on the other side--very interesting!
 Our view from our room. So pretty!
Our room has a little kitchen in it, and it also comes stocked with pots, pans, cups and glasses!

I am going to start getting ready to go out to dinner tonight with my friends, and hopefully we will do some sight seeing. I can't wait for tomorrow when I see the rest of the class again, and I get to start my learning experience!

Á la prochaine,


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