Monday, July 2, 2012

Italy vs. Germany

June 29, 2012

So I shall add more to this blog later but I just wanted to inform you that "we" meaning Italy won the semi finals last night against Germany and wow it was ridiculous here! It was definitely a great first night in Italy because we got to see a true celebration in Rome. I have plenty of pictures and videos I will share when I get a chance...but here is a quick synopsis:

  • There were thousands of people in the little square we sat at.
  • Pretty much everyone was drunk.
  • We won the game at 10:30 but the celebration went on way past 3am (which is when we left to get back to our apartment).
  • The cops were fully guarded with shields because people kept throwing glass bottles at them.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of people drove by us honking (ALL NIGHT LONG) while waving flags outside of their cars!
Overall, it was a great experience. The people are so sweet! We speak in Italian, English and Spanish with them...and smile a lot because there is definitely a slight language barrier here.
Side note: whoever said that being a vegetarian in Rome is easy was wrong. Well, it is difficult for me anyway. I guess I just have to stop being so picky!!

So long :)

- Dhara Patel

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