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July 25, 2012

"Even if you stumble, you're still moving forward." - Unknown 

For those of you that are not so up to date with the lingo, YOLO means "you only live once" and is becoming a popular "word" to use among youth. I am usually not one to jump on the bandwagon, but during my amazing experience this past weekend, I kept reminding myself that you really do only live once, so why not live it up? Before I tell you details, you must watch this video because this is pretty much what I did while in Interlaken, Switzerland. 

That is just a quick video for those of you that are in a rush. If anyone has more time, please check out the crazy things we did in the following videos! (Don't watch all, some are repetitive. I can't filter them because my Youtube isn't working so well here.)

Here are a few pictures of us before we went canyoning:

This is the team before we started. We barely knew each other at this point, but were pretty much best friends after such an experience! 

Megan (who is awesome!), Sarah (studying in Florence, from NC) and me!

After watching those videos, my quote seems to make more sense, right? In the literal sense, it makes complete sense. But that's not how I meant it. This past weekend, I did something that was completely out of my comfort zone. I was scared like you won't even believe, I honestly thought I wouldn't make it, and I simply didn't want to do it at some times. But after every big jump or repel or slide, I realized that I can conquer anything. I might not have been the most graceful or the happiest doing it, but I was able to do it regardless! 

I wish I could properly explain what I feel right now. There will be a million times in life when you just want to quit-when you think that you've had enough. But find a friend that will push you or a quote that will inspire you, and keep on pushing because there's more to you than you even know. And until you actually push yourself to your limits, you won't even know how much you can possibly do in life. 

I really wanted this post to be extremely motivational but it's so hard to express how I feel. I repelled 150 feet down a cliff. I jumped 30 feet into a body of water off of a cliff. I jumped onto a rock just to slide down it. I zip lined without properly being tied to anything, and let go half way through to fall into a body of water. I got pushed down a rock to slide sideways and fall into a body of water. I did all of these things and became a new person. Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but don't judge until you try it out. 

Quick promotion for Interlaken: Go! Why? You can go skydiving, canyoning, bungee jumping, canyon jumping, hang gliding, paragliding, go to a chocolate show, whoa...just so much! It's a beautiful little town with beautiful mountains and lakes and rivers. I loved it! 

That's all for now!

So long.

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