Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello my name is Amina Pratt and I am a rising senior majoring in biotechnology and am currently studying abroad in Ghana where I will be interning at a local women’s organization. I arrived in Accra, Ghana on May 20th around 8:30 pm. As soon as I stepped off the plane, and I mean stepped off like took the stairs, I was greeted by the heat and humidity of a country that experiences a relatively “tropical climate”. After waiting for 5 hours, ok it was more like 1 hour but it felt longer, we finally made it through customs gathered our belongings, met up with our professor and went to dinner.
Dinner was interesting to say the least; because it was so late the restaurant didn’t have a lot of options that were still available, so I ended up getting Chinese food. Yes Chinese food, there is actually a lot of that here and it wasn’t half bad. After the restaurant our professor revealed to us that we would not be staying at the location we originally thought and would be living in a bungalow…. whatever that is.
When we arrived at the house we realized that a bungalow basically meant a ranch house, Oh yeah and they were fixing the drains outside our house, which meant we had to walk a plank... Yep a plank and carry our luggage on it just to get into our house, this was definitely an interesting experience.
After finally getting inside the house we all took a look around, picked our rooms and then realized that we had no air conditioning, we definitely would not be living in the lap of luxury but at least we have fans. Overall Ghana isn’t so bad if you can get use to the random black outs, the bugs and lizards then come on over Lol.
P.S. I’m sorry for the delay but we don’t have internet in our house and I only have access at my internship. and this is the path leading to our house. 

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