Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ah yes, introductions...

Hello! My name is Andrew Tang. Since my last name is a whole syllable shorter, most people just call me Tang. I'm a Biotech major at Rutgers University and am working in Singapore this summer. Due to some firm convincing from the Rutgers Study Abroad office, this blog will be dedicated to my experience abroad, rather than, I dunno, cats or something.

Anyways, I have pretty much just gotten to Singapore. As such, I haven't been able to see much. So, this first post will now be dedicated to the journey over:

I took 2 planes to get here for a combined 24 hours in the air. Now a small discussion about air travel:

I have a small fear of airplanes. Some people would say that this fear is irrational. I would disagree. I see nothing irrational with being uncomfortable being trapped in metal coffin 30,000 feet in the air. Emergency exit procedure at 30,000 feet? Illusion of safety (as you can tell, I hate flying).

So 24 hours in the air is a long time. A full day moves pretty quickly when you're on the ground. In the air though, it's a different story. I watched a movie and 4 tv shows, read a bit, and took a nap. Then I transferred flights...

At this point, I was quite nauseous. I also found out that security at London airport gets suspicious of people stumbling about and falling asleep with a black bag in the airport gates. After a small incident I was on the next flight, where I had to endure a baby crying for 13 continuous hours. I also discovered that I was the only person on the flight with any knowledge of Spanish. Mind you, I wouldn't say I'm competent with the Spanish language, more like competent enough to function in Taco Bell. Anyways, despite my painfully bad command of the language, I managed to help an elderly Spanish lady through immigration. Saving the world one lost soul at a time!

And that's how I got here. Now, pardon me as I attempt to stave off the horrible jet lag...but I will leave you with this

Oops, that's about cats...

P.S. Because my command of the English language is only marginally better than my command of the Spanish language, my wonderful girlfriend back home will be editing these posts, so you'll have her to thank for any sense of coherence =]

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  1. Uh oh...the pressure is on now! Be right back as I brush up on my English and grammar skills...
    Miss you!