Friday, August 10, 2012

Better Late Than Never

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed postings! I did not have internet for the first five days here. I borrowed a laptop from the University, and unfortuately it is very slow and limited in its usages. However, I managed to upload some pictures, and so I'd like to share a few things with you that I should have shared a while ago. Here are a few thoughts from my first week here.

July 28, 2012

The realization that I was going to Germany did not kick in until the plane started to move. I felt like a child at Disney World, getting excited and antsy with the adventure ahead of me. It dawned on me that in approximately 7 hours, all me, every cell of my body (minus a few skin cells) would be on a completely different continent.

Take-off was an interesting experience...I have not been on an airplane since the age of 12, so I was beyond excited. People were giving me funny looks, as I was giggling and smiling at my classmate Phil, who was much calmer than I was. My mind was blown that I was in the air. It sounds silly - but being thousands of feet in the air, hovering over clouds - it was a moment I truly admired mankind's ambition to travel, explore, and create. And at the same time while admiring how far we as people have come, I also realized how tiny we are in the grand scheme of things; how little we are in this vast, big, beautiful planet.

Taking off from Newark Airport was a rewarding experience. The view was beautiful as we climbed high up into the air. All that could be seen was the sparkly night time glimmer of the east coast. It was noticeable contrast to the landing in Zurich. Unending pastures of pale green grass, large pine-like trees, and a clear blue sky. It was rural, but somehow very modern at the same time, if that makes any sense. The trains in Zurich were very quiet and run smoothly, in comparison to the loud rumbles of the New Jersey Transit and MTA trains that I am used to.

We were escorted to Constance by a student from the University. We met with Cornelia, our advisor for the trip. The minute I saw Constance, I fell in love. Cars are used sparingly, and bikers are seen everywhere. The buildings are quaint and pleasant, and it is obvious to the naked eye that they are old and rich with character. Cornelia took us by the water to this outdoor eating establishment. My first meal in Germany consisted of bratwurst mit curry sauce, a typical dish here, along with potato salad. In addition, I had a Radler, a popular drink here, which is composed of half beer, half lemonade.

After our wonderful introduction to German food, we were brought to Andy's hostel, in which we would be staying in for three days until we moved into the University. After putting down my bags and getting cozy, I don't remember much more, for I found myself absolutely exhausted as I laid down for well needed sleep...I knew that when I woke up, I would have a long day ahead of me.

My first view of Constance
A bench by the shore of the lake

- Emily

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