Wednesday, August 1, 2012

6 Day Countdown

July 22, 2012

Well, here I am with my first blog post. Still in America, I'm left with mixed feelings as I prepare for the actual departure to Constance, Germany. I'll admit I'm not quite as prepared as I should be; I should have been reading up on the language and culture months ago, and certainly should have informed my credit card company of my departure prior to last night.

Still, I'm relatively sure all of my affairs are in order, minus a few print outs, packing, and last minute purchases.

Packing is the most intimidating thing. I've heard the weather has been something horrendous in Europe, so I'm bringing my rain gear. It's hard to find the balance between being over prepared and under packed. I've decided to bring my less cumbersome netbook as opposed to my laptop, as much clothing as I can manage to carry without straining myself, and definitely tossing in my hiking boots.

Thing is, a few other classmates and myself have decided to spend 10 days travelling post-course. However, we haven't determined what exactly we are doing during those days, we just have ideas of what we would like to do. That's probably what has me most anxious. Even if it changed when we arrived, I would love to have a concrete plan. I think I may make my own just for peace of mind.

So, minus the travel anxieties, I am very excited. The course material is bound to be fascinating, as is the cultural experience and new ecosystem. Our host-university is being incredibly generous, allowing us to reside in the dorms until the end of August if we so choose. So even if plans fall through, that's ten days to actually explore Constance.

Well, I best return to packing. Anticipate a frantic blog post upon my arrival on the 28th about forgetting underwear or contact lenses or something else small yet crucial!

- Elizabeth Ostrowski

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